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We wanted somewhere that wouldn’t just care for our mother, but would value her for exactly who she is— where else could we get that if not at Gaia’s Remedy? The staff are all loving, intelligent, capable people who truly believe in empowering their residents to live well within their family structure. Gaia’s holistic approach has also already improved our mother’s overall wellbeing. She gets whole, organic meals, time to enjoy the little chipmunks and birds in the backyard, and plenty of homemade cookies! The staff even made sure our mom got special soup when she was feeling sick! For anyone looking for somewhere to care for the body, soul, and mind of their own loved ones, we recommend Gaia’s Remedy.  With gracious thanks, Sally McIntyre's family.     -K. Manly

The staff is absolutely wonderful. The home is clean and beautiful. Rooms are good size. My Mom is well taken care of. There is a nice deck to sit outside and enjoy the sun. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a place for their loved one.     -L. Hankins

My mom has been living at Gaia's Remedy for a little over a year now. She was in a hospital or rehab facilities for about 4 months before moving here, and we were extremely nervous for the transition because of our previous experiences. However, there was no need to be. The owners and staff made the transition as smooth and as easy as possible. It is a small, home-like facility in a beautiful setting. There are clean, lovely, bright spaces inside and out, including a huge deck and a large garden. It really feels the opposite of a hospital, rehab, or large assisted living facility.
The staff really cares about each resident: their needs, challenges, interests, and strengths. They provide daily exercise sessions and wholesome organic meals, maintaining the health of everyone who lives there. Many weeks there are activities that the staff organize for the residents, like outings around town, classes at the facility, or group games. I would highly recommend looking at this facility if you are looking for a place for your aging or ailing loved one.     -F. Tidd

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